About TheHebrewLanguage

TheHebrewLanguage.com was established to help people, anywhere in the world learn Hebrew. I offer personalized Hebrew lessons backed by years of knowledge and professionalism. I serve people with a wide range of backgrounds and needs. Whether you’re Jewish or not, learning Hebrew as a hobby, part of religious studies, or need knowledge of Modern Hebrew, or your schedule can’t accommodate more formal study.  I offer lessons in Cleveland or anywhere in the world via Skype.

About Mark

I’m a language enthusiast whose studied Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, German, Spanish, as well as Linguistics. I’m finishing college this semester with a degree in Psychology and will be studying speech-language pathology next year. I’ve lived in Israel for 6 years, have taught Hebrew in a yeshiva and have been a private Hebrew tutor.

I love answering questions about Hebrew or just chatting about Hebrew.  Send me an email at:

info @ thehebrewlanguage.com

What People are Saying:

“In 2010 I asked Mark to teach a class to a small group of students who struggled with Hebrew.  His impressive understanding of Hebrew language, especially grammar, and his ability to teach made him the perfect candidate for teaching the class.  His dedication and pedagogical skills helped the students quickly improve their Hebrew and increase their appreciation for the language.”

Rabbi G. – Yeshivas Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem

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