What separates you from other companies?

What separates us is our transparent and fair business practices along with the ability to deliver the highest quality lessons. We don’t send you hundreds of advertisements to your mail box, phone calls, or pushes to buy more lessons or products. There are no hidden charges and everything is ‘pay as you’ so you remain flexible and not locked into an expensive package. We offer a great service and that sells itself. We’re big enough to provide you excellent services around the clock, but small enough to treat you as a personal client.

What teaching method do you use?

We use a blended approach that helps you understand how Hebrew works and use it effectively. Traditional language instruction uses a method known as PPP, Presentation, Practice, Production. In this method a grammar topic is presented such as the past tense, the student practices using it, then produces their own sentences.

We utilize a ‘Task-Based Approach.’ In this method a concept is presented and then students immediately begin using it to perform a ‘task.’ For example, the ‘past tense’ is generally introduced and then students immediately begin using this concept to discuss ‘what they did today’ tell stories about past vacation trips or jobs.

In the traditional Presentation, Practice, Production has several problems. Students often have a false sense of comfort using the language, students often over-use the newly learned structure, and ability to produce a structure often doesn’t relate to real world speaking ability.

Using the Task-Based Approach allows students to utilize all parts of the language they’re learning. It also allows students to naturally discover terms and concepts in a language that are relevant for their needs. Little is gained by studying a list of terms when one is unable to complete real world tasks like successfully go through a check-out counter. The Task-Based Approach helps students improve the foundation of their foreign language ability, to speak and understand. In addition it’s one of the most fun and enjoyable ways of learning.

Why online tutoring?

It is our experience that students, both young and older, love learning online. Though the tutor and student are not physically sitting face to face, the whiteboard, text chat, and voice communication creates a real time one-to-one environment.

How do I get started with the site?

Fill out the contact form on the “contact” page. A representative will contact you shortly to arrange a time and instructor, and answer any questions you may have.

What is needed for online tutoring?

For online tutoring all you need is an internet connection, a computer microphone, and computer speakers or headset. We recommend computer headset with microphone (costs about USD 10-15).

How are payments made – Is my credit card information safe?

Sign up for a user name on our site. Once you’re registered and logged in a new menu item will open allowing you to add a tutoring session to your shopping cart. Transactions are handled via PayPal.com, which is owned by Ebay. We have set up with Paypal so that they alone (and not our company) deal with your credit card and other info. The entire transaction takes place at their website, and after the transaction you are returned to our website.

How much does it cost per lesson?

25 US dollars

How long are paid tutoring sessions?

1 hour sessions because our experience shows that the traditional one hour time works best.

Can I cancel an appointment scheduled with a tutor?

Yes, you can cancel at any time before start time of the session. However, we recommend that you only request appointments that you are sure you can keep and avoid cancellations as much as possible, out of consideration for the tutor.


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