Free Hebrew Vocabulary Training Software

In this post I’m only going to list free Hebrew vocabulary software for Biblical and Modern Hebrew

1) One of the longest existing Hebrew vocabulary programs and for a good reason, it’s one of the best free programs available.  It’s actively supported and is feature rich. There are a number of vocabulary lists based on frequency lists, many of them taken from popular books.  If your a data/progress junkie there are ‘hitech’ word review strategies and statistics that allow you to track your progress.  They also have one of my pet-peeves eliminted, they support copy and paste.

2)  Has a number of vocabulary sets.The greatest advantage of this site is that they offer vocabulary lists from many of the big Hebrew learning books Van Pelt, Weingreen, First Hebrew Primer, Futato, Davidson etc. One drawback is that a lot of the sets are small, disorganized, and often not labeled in an understandable way.  Also, you can’t download them for offline use unless you subscribe, but that wouldn’t be free now would it.

3) This is a great free program with a funky name.  This is one of my favorite flashcard programs because it’s free, well supported, and very simple.  It’s simplicity allows me to actually study instead of getting bogged down with playing with features.  If your interested in studying other languages, or studying another subject, there area tons of great vocabulary sets out there. One inconvenience is the way that the decks are downloaded.  They are downloaded through the program itself, take a long time to load, and when you return to the list of decks the program returns you to the beginning of your search.

-those are the main ‘big league’ flashcard providers that I have experience with, her are two other smaller flashcard providers:

4) This site provides on-site flashcards.  One interesting feature is they show transliterations, which can be really beneficial for those starting out.  They also have some lower level flashcards for beginners.  They have four levels absolute beginner ( doesn’t know the alphabet), beginner ( knows a few words), intermediate (knows regular verbs), advanced (knows irregular verbs).

5) has some great flashcards for beginners amongst tutorials, video clips, and dialogs.  This are more of interactive lists then flashcards but  I appreciate they they list all the words on the a page.  They also have audio (that takes a while to load) but is useful because they don’t have nekudot.

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