Koreans Learning Hebrew and Studying the Bible

I recently wrote an article about a Korean TV crew’s visit to Ponevezch Yeshiva.  I’ve researched a little more and found some other interesting articles.  Haaretz, a leading Israeli newspaper, published an article in November 2008 called, “Korean’s Dominate in Bible Studies in Hebrew U.”  Hebrew University awarded 328 doctoral degree in 2008, of which only six where in Biblical studies.  Among the six, two were Israeli, one American, and three were Korean.

Young Sik Cho wrote a doctorate about “concepts of wealth in the Book of Proverbs.” Yun Ho Chong examined the “factors which created a negative stance toward the Golden Calf cult in the Bible.” Song-Yun Shin investigated the “language of Hagai-Zecharia-Malachi and its place in the history of the Hebrew Bible.”  Additionly, Song Dal Quan completed a doctorate in the Hebrew Language Department which pertained to “use of ‘haya (to be)’ syntax in biblical language.”   A 2010 Y-net article, “The Korean girl in Bible class“, mentioned one Korean girl who is fluent in Hebrew.  One student advisor in Hebrew University remarked about the increasing number of Korean and Japanese students and the diligence to Bible, Judaic Studies, and the Hebrew language.

Most of the students are motivated by a strong Protestant or Catholic faith and wish to explore the roots of their religion.  After the completion of their degrees many hope to return to home, to Korean or Japan, and teach Hebrew or Bible. 7MRPZM5TCGH9

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