Top 500 Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Words Free PDF

For people interested in targeted vocabulary  lists there isn’t so much available for Hebrew.   The following is by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Kreuzer professor of Old Testament and Biblical Archeology at Protestant University Wuppertal-Bethel  and Bergische Universität.  This PDF has been produced by a credible person and has been around for a long time, but I’m not sure how he did his analysis for the most common words.  The layout is simple and straightforward.  A big plus is that all the Hebrew words have nekudot.  He also gives the romanized spelling albeit through a semi-confusing academic system with superscript letters and diacritics.  Unfortunately, the parts of speech aren’t listed.  He also has a German language version you can find on his website here.  Note, these are copy-written by the author.

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