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Barron’s 501 Hebrew Verbs

This book fully declines 565 verb roots in the binyanim they commonly occur in yielding 1580 of the most common Hebrew verbs. Real world examples are given using the verbs and/or words derived from them. There is also a short essay that begins the book that discusses Hebrew verbs which is a good read.

It’s a physically a very dense book at 912 pages, slightly heavy (yet reasonable for a reference work). The only complaint about the book physically is that it lacks a lay-flat binding. I would like to see a hard-cover version.

As with any Hebrew grammar there are always questions about organization. The author chose to alphabetically list roots, which makes sense and makes it use friendly.

Obviously this is not a beginner book. In addition, it’s targeted to those learning Modern Hebrew. Being so, it follows Israeli spelling, it adds a lot of vavs and yods. So if you’re more familiar with Biblical Hebrew it might be slightly frustrating at times.

This book is essential if you want to master Hebrew verb conjugation. In such a verb based language like Hebrew, I recommend this book after a grammar book and dictionary.

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