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Dikduk – Verb Conjugator Program

This incredible free program has several very powerful features.  Firstly, it allows the conjugation of any Hebrew verb by entering root letters.  It also highlights forms that appear in Tanach. Most unique and fascinating, is compare two verbs by creating parallel conjugation charts.  While this program has a print function the charts aren’t easily copied and pasted.

An absolute gem hidden the program are two PDFs written by a Grammarian named Alan Smith.  The first is called “Fundamental Concepts of the Classical Hebrew Verb” and the second is “Semi-Regular Classical Hebrew Verbs.” The first reads like a manifesto of Grammarian in which he pleads with his readers to throw out their old paradigms of verbs and tense and adopt a new system that presents.  It’s written in a conversation style that might be abrasive to some, but the information contained within this work is truly worth the read.  The second work, “Semi-Regular Classical Hebrew Verbs” is a reference work on verb irregularities.  It’s very systematic and comprehensive.  The author warns that it’s a reference work and isn’t to be read, however,  I couldn’t help myself but read several pages in one sitting.  Both of these works are fun, informative, and in English. They alone are worth the download.  When I said “hidden gem” I was serious.  They’re hidden.  Go to the ‘help’ tab, then ‘fundamental concepts’, a window will open where you can launch the PDFs.  Additionally, they can be found by searching in the program folder.

Unfortunately, one aggravating feature of the program is that it expires instead of checking for updates.  However, it’s ease of use and functionality make returning to the program’s homepage worth the time.  With such a great program for free, I’m amazed it’s not more popular.

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