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Hebrew for Dummies Review

I’m normally very pleased with the “For Dummies” series. This is a glaring exception.  This book is 100% in English, every Hebrew word is written out phonetically in English.  If you’re interested in “just getting into learning Hebrew already” and don’t want to learn the Hebrew alphabet this book might be good for you to test the waters if you really are interested.  However, I would very strongly advise anyone who is starting to learn Hebrew to learn the alphabet.  It’s one of the most interested aspects of learning Hebrew and it absolutely critical to getting past the absolute beginner mark.  Additionally, the author didn’t provide an adequate method of actually learning the Hebrew alphabet. Don’t be tempted by the inclusion of a CD, its quality is on par with the text itself. My quick google search revealed that she’s only put out one book on Hebrew.  Again, I’m a little shocked the people at “For Dummies” released this. I can really only recommend it to someone who doesn’t want to learn the Hebrew alphabet or can get it second hand and a very discounted price.

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