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Learning Hebrew Online – Online Hebrew Course

1. Online courses are convenient.

The biggest advantage of a learning online is that your classroom and instructor are available 24 hours, a day, seven days a week.  Because their are no whether delays the only excuse for missing a class is not logging online or maybe internet connection problems.  You can access notes, review previous assignments, take practice quizzes, real quizzes, discuss readings and assignments, and communication with fellow students and a time that is convenient for you.  You can make your own schedule for completing the requirements of the course.

2. Online courses offer flexibility.

You can study whenever you want and however you want.  You can study in pajamas or in a business suit after a day of work.  Online courses offer the flexibility to spend time at work, with family, friends, a significant other, or doing a hobby that you love.  People with changing work schedules, people who have business trips, parents, or students with health issues can benefit from online course delivery.

3. Online courses bring education right to your home.

Online students often find their friends and family involved in the course.  Parents can be an example to their children by demonstrating that education, especially religious education is important to them.  Taking the time out of the day to learn Hebrew online shows that you value Hebrew and what it offers you educationally and spiritually.

4. Online courses offer more individual attention.

Because students are directly in contact with the instructor via e-mail or online chat you can get your questions answered directly.  Many students aren’t comfortable asking questions in class because they don’t want to feel stupid.  Learning Hebrew online can help eliminate this fear.  Many times you think of a questions after class or while you are studying.  Most students forget their questions by the time they ever reach the classroom.  Instead of forgetting it you can instantly e-mail the instructor.  You also don’t have to compete for valuable instructor face time.

5. Online Hebrew courses are available everywhere

Hebrew isn’t a language that is has a vast amount of resources to help you learn it, like Spanish, French, or German.  It’s a language that has a much smaller amount of speakers.  Courses to learn Hebrew aren’t available and neither or speakers of Hebrew to help you practice speaking Hebrew.  An online course to learn Hebrew can supply you with an equivalent, or better, learning experience that might only be available after traveling a significant distance.

6. Online courses can save you money

Some people are pushed away from learning online because of the sometime high costs involved.  In reality however, the money spent driving, paying for gas, and the time it takes to commute to a private Hebrew tutor or class is often much more than online learning options.

7. Online courses promote life-long learning.

Most people leave academic learning after they graduate from high school, college, or university.  Learning Hebrew Online allows you continue your education throughout you life.

8. Online courses have financial benefits.

There are many ancillary costs to attending a college.  Parking costs, eating our versus eating at home, child-care, missing work or overtime opportunities.  The flexibility of learning at home has many financial benefits.

9. Online courses teach you to be self-disciplined.

Perhaps the greatest enemy of online courses is procrastination.  Most of us, put off things until the very last moment.  In education, pushing things off to the last minute is the worst way to learn.  Learning online doesn’t just teach students the course subject, it also teaches students responsibility.  Students learn the importance of, and how to, get things done on time or ahead of time.  Students also become self-motivated in learning which increases not only satisfaction from the course but an increased likelihood that they’ll continue learning in the future.

10.  Learning Hebrew Online offers the chance to practice speaking

One of the most essential skills of learning a foreign language is the ability to speak.  Depending on where you live there might not be any Hebrew speakers available.  Even if there are they might be interested in helping you practice or not know how to help you.  People often feel embarrassed when they are trying to speak a foreign language. Learning online can help a student feel more comfortable speaking because of the anonymity that the internet provides.

-I’ve carefully selected some of the best, most experienced Hebrew teachers to make them available online.  If you’re interested in more information about learning with one of our teachers please fill out our contact form to arrange online Hebrew lessons.